Don’t miss out

This is a fast and effective 6 week program that is designed to help you build self confidence, accountability and new habits that can change your lifestyle to become healthier, happier, fitter and stronger. Without the need of expensive gym equipment, no joining fee, no personal trainers, busy gyms, long time outlay and commitments to minimum sign ups. 

The 6 week challenge will give you

All exercises are body weight exercises, no fancy equipment needed, no gym memberships, no expensive personal trainers, complete sessions in your own time when it is convenient for you. 

You will receive

  1. Complete sessions at home in your own time/space

  2. Nutrition Guide

  3. Food List

  4. Private Facebook community

  5. Weekly Challenges

  6. Complete sessions at home in your own time/space

  7. Blogs around fitness, nutrition, lifestyle

If you complete all 30 sessions over 6 weeks, the equivalent of £1200 in personal training saving you £1000, Scientific research has shown that 30 days/4 weeks is enough time to build a new habit or routine. This is the reason for 30 sessions to help you to build a habit and routine. Of course you can repeat the 6 week plan or even work with me personally for an elite approach to training taking you to the next level.