Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is designed to increase the level of performance.

Performance coaching is increasingly popular in professional sports due to the increased intensity of elite sport and the mounting pressure on athletes to perform well.

In athletes, gym goers, grass roots through to elite and even professional sports men and women. Performance coaching is often focused on performance in big events and focuses on both psychological and physiological preparation.

Performance coaching for team sports

Team sports usually focuses on enhancing team spirit, building cohesion, establishing and honing team strategies, goals and tactics and increasing confidence amongst team members. Other aspects of performance coaching also include relaxation and anxiety management techniques. Coping with high pressure situations, finding out effective leadership traits, development of communication strategies, planning effective strategies, are all some of the areas that I can improve within your team.

Performance coaching for individuals

Focuses on building confidence, controlling nerves and anxiety, mental preparation, increasing attention and focus, establishing individual goals and working on individual game plans.

Having developed fast and effective training plans from beginner through to elite athletes. The development of both strength and power while also working towards sport specific requirements is entirely possible with proven results.

Performance coaching also helps athletes to perform at your best physically while also being in a relaxed state and develop skills to evaluate your own performance after it has finished; this will help to move forward and progress in the next phase and the longevity of athlete careers.

Benefits of performance coaching

Performance coaching is highly effective because it allows athletes to establish both common and individual goals, increases their confidence and outlines a plan to ensure they peak at the correct time (usually for a major event or high-profile competition). Sports performance coaching also helps to increase motivation and build cohesion amongst team players.


Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching, focuses directly on matters that influence physical and mental health by helping clients to cultivate a “mind-body” relationship while providing guidance in the two major areas of overall wellness: physical and psychological.

Having represented Great Britain at the highest sporting level, 2014 Winter Olympics, as well as completing a World Record, most weight deadlifted by a team in an hour. Worked with some of the best in the business, physical coaches, sports psychologists, doctors, nutritionists, athletes. Applying knowledge gained from my Masters in Sport and Exercise Science. I have gone on to write a best selling book called Live To Inspire about my trials and tribulations in life and sport, dealing with physical and mental health. 

The package includes;

Initial consultation

Weekly Checkins 

Accountability and motivation

Access to Olympic and World Class methods 


4 Week Strength Training

An excel template that will allow you to build your all round strength

Formatted spreadsheet that will calculate the weights you need to lift for the given sets and reps.

Progress will only be made if you stick to the plan


4 Week Home training template

4 week home workout training template

Created to help ANYONE get started on their fitness journey

An excel document that will help you to plan your days and weeks effectively

Also included is an excel sheet to record your progress each week. 


Smolov Squat Programme


Excel format and ready to start today

Put in your best lifts and the sheet is formatted to calculate the weights and reps you need to lift for each session

Start improving your squat TODAY!


Strong as an Ox

Grab this copy of the eBook "Strong as an Ox"

It is a really good read and well help anyone looking to develop understanding of Olympic Weightlifting.



Nutrition Guide

Grab your personal copy of my eNutrition Guide now. 

All things nutrition related, key points for each macro and micro nutrient.

Easy to follow and apply food choices to your day to day life.

Helping you to achieve the goals you want.

Food is Fuel.

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