Strength Training can make you a better runner. Fact or Fiction?

Some runners would argue that all free time should be spent out running and that if you want get faster then you should be out pounding the streets. 

However studies show regular strength training can help you become a stronger and faster runner, meaning strength work in the gym could be a fantastic addition to your running armory.

Performed correctly, strength training can help improve running economy while also boosting muscular endurance, which in turn can help to increase your speed.

Smart consistent training is key to improvement and by spending valuable time in the gym you can help reduce this risk of injury ensuring you’re spending more time out putting the miles in rather than laid up on the couch with your foot in a bucket of ice!

To get the most out of your gym routine, you should look to add plenty of variety, including working on flexibility, balance, mobility and of course strength. Not only will this help to keep things fresh and interesting, but also ensures you’re helping to create a ‘bullet proof’ athlete.

A common mistake runners make is to spend too much time concentrating on legs in the gym, however the key to all round improvement is to invest time working on your abdominals and back muscles to help stablise your trunk, as well as performing basic upper body work to help maintain posture and form in the later part of races


As well as the performance benefits, regular gym work can also help to maintain or increase lean body mass, while decreasing body fat. Remember that old saying, ‘look good, feel good’?

Why not try a class if you’re unsure how to train on your own, or seek guidance from a personal trainer who should be happy to assist and ensure you’re doing the right exercises, with the correct technique.

For strength and conditioning workout tips and ideas to help supplement your running training so you can become stronger and run faster. Send me a message and we can start the journey to your gaols.