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The main purpose of this book is to inspire people to reach their full potential in life. This is through the culmination of lessons and skills I have learnt throughout my life, both as an elite athlete in two different sports and my professional career as a teacher.

I have educated myself through different mediums then applied the skills and mindset that has allowed me to build as an individual and live my life to my full potential, whilst also inspiring others. I will explain these life lessons and how I learned then adapted them to my day to day life. I will divulge personal strategies that you can apply to your life and the goals that you desire.


Please note that there are no quick fixes.


As humans, we are always looking for a simple and easy solution. You know the “15-minute meals” which take 30 minutes to prepare or “8 weeks to a 6 pack” plan that will take you 12 weeks to get into a position to be able to undertake the 8-week plan. So, do not expect immediate results, but more how to make changes that will last for a long time, and how small changes can not only help you but also those around you.

Some actions that you can apply to your life will give you some instant gratification. However in order to create greater longevity that will require you to delay gratification. There has been a lot of research done on this are and that I will explain later in the book.

The advice and strategies are ones that I have developed and applied so I would advise that you do the same. This will be interspersed with quotes and summary points to help with motivation and making a change in whatever aspect you desire or simply the day to day life that you lead. Put simply, giving you a kick up the bum and empowering you to hold yourself accountable and your happiness before others, but not exclusively.

Some methods are based around physical actions that you can apply every day, which you will need to read on to find out. These are actions that I personally live by and I can assure you that they do work. The actions become significantly effective when combined with a positive mindset. This is the part that requires delayed gratification and personal accountability. Both factors take time and practice to not only develop and learn but also to become ingrained in your daily routine. Throughout my career as an athlete, coach, and teacher I have supported the growth and development of clients to achieve their desired goals.

During my career as an international athlete, I have learnt and applied a wide range of knowledge around performance and motivation. Having personally been through everything that I deliver, I know what it takes. Time is our most precious commodity. Making training sessions and decisions as effective as possible, on a daily basis, and without having to make huge sacrifices, is key.


Personal Sporting Achievements & Qualifications 

Summer Olympic Trials – Discus 2008, 2012, 2016

Team GB Winter Olympian – Bobsleigh 2014, World Championships 2013, Winter Olympic Trails 2018

PGCE, MSc Sport and Exercise Science, BSc Science in Health Exercise and Sport


Live to inspire is available on Amazon – Click here

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Live to inspire is available on Amazon – Click here